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Pressed Flower Heart Pendant (FP5)

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Item Description

Item # FP5

Description : Pressed flower pendant with chain in heart shape. The flowers are real Hawaiian flowers, not paintings, pictures or photographs and placed into the settings at actual size. They are not reduced in any way. They are pressed and overlaid with protective jeweler’s resin. The setting and the chain are both plated in silver.

Designer’s comments :

“Visually, this is a lovely and romantic piece, popular with all age groups, particularly those not yet quite teens. The real flowers add a pretty, dainty and feminine aspect and are particularly appropriate for this heart shape.

“Practically, Popular with teenagers, it is also frequently recommended by us in preference to the locket for those who are a little younger. In their eagerness to show off their prize to their friends, many youngsters open and close the locket to such an extent that they risk damage to the hinges or clasp. By contrast, this simple pendant which is so similar visually, has no moving or opening parts, is difficult to damage, and has identical colors. All these features make it an ideal alternative under the circumstances outlined.”

Size : Heart shaped – length, or height 2 cm x 1.5 cm width. Chain length 45 cm (18″)

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