Double Orchid Magnet Brooch (Rust)


Description: Brooch with magnetic attachment. Two orchids on a setting intended to be largely hidden by the flowers which overlap. Setting either gold or silver plated or of Koa wood. Please refer to the separate comments on hairclip brooches in the menu.

Size: Approx 9 x 11 cm (approx 3.5” x 4.5”). Flowers protrude over the setting.

Artist’s Comments:

Visually: This is so much more than just another way to put flowers in your hair. The different sizes and shapes of the two settings here play important roles, whereas in many other styles in this collection it is principally the flowers that make impact. The longer setting has a distinct line to it that extends beyond the two more delicately colored orchids.The broader setting allows for larger wider flowers. To best appreciate just how to maximize this look it is important to read our special note on alligator hair clip brooches.

Practically: This design style has so many applications not only in the hair but in many other ways as brooches and clasps, mostly as “the multi-purpose brooch that makes no holes!” To better appreciate these applications, please make a point of reading our page on alligator hair clip brooches.

Backing Available in Silver or Gold or Koa Wood.



Real Flower Jewelry’s Magnet Brooch is one of our greatest innovations! We have attached a strong magnet, instead of a conventional bar pin and safety catch, to the back of the setting. In addition we have supplied another very strong magnet, conveniently attached to a disc about the size of an American quarter coin, which makes it easier to handle and less easy to lose. The loose magnet is placed behind the fabric on to which the brooch is to be attached. The brooch is then placed in front of the fabric, over the loose magnet at the back, and the two magnets will hold the item very firmly in place. This is far more practical than any conventional pin.

Our magnet brooch is perfect:

  • They make no holes in luxury or delicate fabrics or clothing
  • They are very easy to put on or take off – no difficult pinpoints, or bar pins – hence ideal as gifts to those who are no longer nimble with their fingers, from injury, arthritis or rheumatism
  • Great for those whose eyesight has difficulty in seeing the detail of conventional safety catches.
  • Light weight – no drag on delicate clothing especially in warm climates.
  • Tight grip – will not slip or slide on silk. Designed to be worn on fabric as thick as the lapel of a jacket or coat, this tight grip prevents “yawing” or leaning outwards. Our magnet brooches keep our jewelry tight and flat against the clothing.
  • More versatile than conventional bar-pin brooches – will hold on lace, where otherwise the holes and delicate weave would prevent a conventional pin from sitting straight.
  • Great novelty and attention-getter in gift jewelry

Caution : Not to be worn by those using a heart pace maker.

FOR BEST RESULTS …With one hand hold the brooch by the setting only, with the other hold the loose magnet by its easy-to-grip disc. Place the disc, with the magnet facing forward, behind the clothing just where you wish the brooch to be. Then place the brooch over the position of the loose magnet and the two will snap strongly into place. On removal, hold each of the two parts as before, and SLIDE them apart, – NEVER PULL! (Yes, pulling is easier, but risks the loose magnet with disc falling and being lost in one’s clothing if not held as recommended)

Read more about the wonderful neodymium magnet here: Neodymium Magnets