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Limu Locket (Yellow)


Description: Oval locket with chain featuring real Hawaiian Limu at actual size and natural burgundy color. (Only the background colors have been varied). Our Limu has been pressed, dehydrated, and overlaid with protective jeweler’s resin. The setting and chain are both silver plated.

“Oval, 29mm x 23mm outer rim, (approx 1.25″ x 0.87″) with inset cabochon 18mm x 13mm (approx 0.75″ x 0.5”)

Artist’s Comments:

Visually: This attractive style has a larger face area allowing for a better view of the Limu’s tiny graceful filaments. These beautiful algae are real – not paintings, etchings, pictures, or photographs, and shown here at actual size and natural color. At a first casual glance they can be confused with coral, but they are nothing of the sort. Their coloring complements a wide range of hair and clothing colors and styles and suits both casual and formal wear. The somewhat Victorian look in this locket gives it a wide acceptance among those very particular about their accessories. The rim is wider than in any other of our styles and frames the Limu so as to attract attention.

Practically: Size is important here for in our experience this locket accommodates a great variety of important and meaningful items, not just photographs. For instance, cuttings of baby’s hair, a folded love note, medicinal pills and even ashes of a loved one to be worn close to the heart. For a better understanding of the practicality of these particular styles please read F.A.Q’s. on our menu.



Algae Earrings made from the finest brick red, natural Limu

Used throughout Polynesia, the name Limu, as applied to this beautifully delicate “flower of the sea”, has a lovely resonance and widely accepted association with the beauty of Hawaiian sea life. Limu is an algae (seaweed), widely used throughout the Islands culturally in ceremonial and ritual events, medicinally, gastronomically, and in different designs of lei. Our algae locket features the finest algae selectively harvested right from the waters around Hawaii.

Colloquially in Hawaii, Limu means a wide range of edible algae yet scholarly references and dictionary definitions apply a wider meaning to that word, including algae that grows in moist areas on land in addition to those in the sea, including those not edible. Too small to wrap round other food as is traditional with more commonly known larger algae, the Limu pictured here as wearable items show the actual size and color these plants grow. Attached to rocks and physically strong, under water they waft softly and gracefully in all directions in the currents. However, on being removed from the sea, they clump together like a girl’s long hair coming from the shower.

Hence, to re-arrange them as delicately as in these pieces, requires particular skill and patience. They are presented in a beautiful series of designs as Limu pendants (necklaces), bracelets, brooches and earrings. Scientifically known as Portieria hornemannii, the particular red algae portrayed on this website grows on the lava coast just outside Hilo on the Big Island where it is seasonally prolific. Not endangered, endemic, or invasive, its pungent smell is so strong no fish, human or turtle will eat it! Pressed, dehydrated, and sealed in a jeweler’s resin, each piece of algae jewelry is highly attractive, durable, & very practical to wear – a unique gift of the Hawaiian flower of the sea.