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Pressed Wild Flower Locket (Red)


Description: Pressed flower oval locket with chain. The flowers are real Hawaiian flowers, not paintings, pictures or photographs. They are placed into the setting at actual size. They are not reduced in any way. They are pressed and overlaid with a jeweler’s resin on the face of this oval locket. The setting and chain are both silver plated.

“Oval, 29mm x 23mm outer rim, (approx 1.25″ x 0.87″) with inset cabochon 18mm x 13mm (approx 0.75″ x 0.5”)

Artist’s Comments:

Visually: This is an attractive piece with the larger face area of flowers being able to show them to better effect. The real flowers are pretty, dainty and feminine and appropriate to this design for they tend to reduce the impact of its larger size and make it more acceptable. The wide silver rim ties in well with the earrings elsewhere in this collection, while all the colors available in this design also are matched by the same colors in all the earrings.

Practically: Size is important here, for this locket accommodates a great variety of items such as photographs which smaller lockets cannot show large enough. It opens with insertion of a finger nail and gently snaps closed. (Do not force closure as this might damage the catch). If one wishes to place inside a picture which is too large, simply take it to any of the now abundant “quick-print” locations and have the picture reduced on their copying machines, down to the right size. The surface being silver, there is little likelihood of adverse reaction from sensitive wearers. For better understanding of the practicality of these particular styles, please also read our comments in F.A.Q’s on our menu.


Real Flower Jewelry – pressed wild flower pendant is made from real, Hawaiian flowers.

Seasonally upon the volcano mountain slopes of the Big Island of Hawaii we carefully select, pick, and preserve perfect miniature flowers.  Each separate flower is sorted by color, size, texture, and shape with meticulous skill and patience. Wearing face masks to prevent their breath from blowing away the materials, those who sort these flowers do not dare sneeze!

Piece by piece, our flowers are selected to create these beautiful designs. Their petal colors compliment or contrast suitable background colors. Because the flowers are all real, no two are exactly the same – yours is unique to you. A particular aspect of our work is that Peter Honeyman himself creates every piece of our pressed flower styles, the majority of which are from a combination of several flowers in different colors. This is in marked contrast to many other wonderful pressed flower items made elsewhere, but which, with respect, are almost always made with one flower plonked into its setting as if a botanical specimen, and not combined with other flowers as an art rendering. Ours, as far as we have been able to ascertain, are the only styles which have that added creative element – almost as in painting miniatures with wonderful colors, except that our colors are the actual flowers. They are truly distinctly different.

Our processes exclude all air inside our jewelry through the use of special jewelers’ resins. This ensures no oxidation whereby the flowers would otherwise risk turning  brown. Our flowers do not lose or change their color, though with time they may develop a patina or antiqued look which many claim enhances the appearance and the value of our styles.

All Real Flower Jewelry is crafted to the highest quality standards by the inventor and primary artisan of RFJ himself, Peter J Honeyman. For more information about this product, and the processes we use, check out our answers to our frequently asked questions.