What is the Peloria Perfect Imperfection?
No two will ever be alike.
For many years, the Big Island of Hawaii has been a major source of cut orchid stems (as opposed to potted orchids). Demand for these dendrobium orchids is year round, although they only bloom at certain times of the year.
Luckily, in 1990, the University of Hawaii released UH-800, a hybrid dendrobium orchid. UH-800 looks like the popular white orchid, but it blooms at a different season and for a longer time. Thus, together with already established crops, availability to overseas markets has expanded greatly.
However, UH-800 produces flowers that are out of shape – the “Peloria” mutation. Less than half the usual size, these blossoms are born with many irregularities. Some even have small white heart shaped tips – ideal for weddings! Finding these hearts among all the other misshapen flowers and then matching them is like solving a complex jigsaw puzzle.
These little orchids are not always available. Sometimes missing for entire seasons, their singular beauty is so rare and rewarding.
A as our “perfect imperfection.”