Elaine turns heads at the Kupuna Festival

“WOW!” At the Kupuna Hula Festival last month – Elaine Mayer turned heads wherever she went!

This strikingly attractive lady in her own right, was even more so wearing these ivory colored real orchid earrings from Wearable Real Flowers of Hawaii. Made by artist Peter Honeyman, she acquired then from his presentation at the Kupuna Hula Festival at the Convention Center at Keauhou. These particular orchids are relatively rare and frequently not available because they are irregular and infrequent mutations of a particular dendrobium orchid hybrid developed by the University of Hawaii. Although not visible in this picture, these earrings are set on a delightful gold filigree butterfly design, best visible from the back of the wearer and giving a beautifully finished image. Any one seeking to look as Elaine does in this picture should phone Peter (808 854 5609) to check availability before ordering them from the website.”