Micro Mini Flowers from Hawaii’s Volcanic Slopes

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Upon the volcanic slopes of the Big Island of Hawaii we select and preserve perfect micro mini flowers. We sort each separate flower by color, size, texture, and shape with skill and patience. Piece by piece, we select the best flowers to create the perfect Wildflower Jewelry. Our processes exclude all air through the use of special jewelers’ resins. This ensures no oxidation whereby the flowers would otherwise risk turning brown. Our flowers do not lose or change their color, though with time they may develop a patina. Because the flowers are all real, no two are exactly the same – your Wildflower Jewelry will be unique to you.

My pressed flower styles are each created from layering  miniature real flowers in different colors, shapes and sizes, sometimes even deliberately distorting them for effect. This is in marked contrast to many other wonderful pressed flower items made elsewhere, but which, with respect, are almost always made with one flower plonked into its setting as if a botanical specimen, and not combined with other flowers as an art rendering. Ours, as far as we have been able to ascertain, are the only styles which have that added creative element – almost as in painting miniatures with wonderful colors, except that our colors are the actual flowers. They are truly distinctly different.