Nature’s Products Never Clash


Customers sometimes see a piece of Real Flower Jewelry and exclaim, "oh, that's not my color", or "oh, she never wears gold (or silver)". Sometimes these are simply excuses not to buy. More frequently though, these customers are symptomatic of simply not understanding what I am offering.  I caution them that they are looking at my products as jewelry and not as "flowers". I am mindful that "nature's products never clash"; for an example, just look around you. In the synthetic, materialistic world we live in, there are certain color combinations that we view as unacceptable, however, they are positively beautiful when produced by nature.

If someone were to surprise you with a beautiful, fresh-cut corsage, would your reaction be one of hesitance and the expression "oh, those are not my colors"? Or, would it be more likely an expression of delight and eagerness to wear it, no matter what the colors and no matter what you are  wearing at the time, be it a ball gown or scruffy jeans with paint splashed over them. The same applies to my products.

I am not offering jewelry - I am not a jeweler - I don't emphasize gold or silver. Just enjoy my pieces for what they are - permanent, real, wearable flowers.