REAL Plumeria Jewelry

The beautiful, colorful, sweetly scented and propeller shaped flowers of the Plumeria tree are prolific throughout Hawaii and synonymous with images of the islands. They are most popular worn in leis by both genders. Among locals, women of all ages wear single Plumeria flowers over their ear – on their left side if they wish to signal they have a romantic commitment to someone, or on the right side if they are “footloose and fancy-free”.

More about Plumeria

Plumeria trees grow to about 20 ft high (6 meters). They are mostly deciduous (lose all leaves and flowers in the winter season), yet some smaller flower species in white and yellow do bloom year round, even while their leaves all drop off. Without leaves, the trees are unattractive, with short, fat gnarled sausage shaped branches. Outside USA, Plumeria are better known as “Frangipani”, having probably originated in the Caribbean. Throughout Hawaii on different islands are established major nurseries, plus botanical centers associated with the University of Hawaii which focus on Plumeria, thus making Hawaii the major Plumeria research center, worldwide A distinctive feature of Plumeria is the white, latex-like, internal sap which maintains the fullness of the flowers by pressure from within the tree.

As soon as a flower is picked or a stem broken, this sap pours out soiling one’s hair, clothing, or whatever it spills upon. Very quickly the flowers wilt, show bruises, then their lovely colors turn brown. It is this rapid deterioration that requires our specialized technique, exclusive to Real Flower Jewelry, to replicate the original natural colors lost and preserve their beauty and durability. This ensures your long- lasting enjoyment of your exclusive Plumeria.

We only cut our small requirements from living healthy plants that quickly re-grow, hence our product being self-sustaining. No plants are destroyed or die from our harvesting.

Do not wear your Plumeria items in bed.