Orchid Petal Earrings – Slipper


  • These earrings use the naturally slipper shaped lip (labellum) petal of the orchid flower
  • Hypo-allergenic earring wires
  • Shaped like a slipper
  • Faux pearl decoration
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Each Orchid Petal Earring is slightly different and they vary from approximately 5 cm (2 in) to 7 cm (2.75 in) in length, including the wires. Some may be available shorter if required. Width varies proportionately and most measure approximately 1.75 cm (0.5 in).

These earrings are eye-catching conversation stoppers as they are so unusual, colorful and fun to wear. They are not meant to be family heirlooms – rather they are a fun novelty gift. You will not know many people who wear real orchid petals as earrings!

These earrings are so light in weight the wearer will hardly know she has them on. If her hairbrush or comb strikes these earrings they simply flex and bend and get out of the way. They are not brittle. They do not tear easily. Hair spray and water have no effect upon them. They may be rinsed in tap water. So very practical.


Gold, Silver


Blue, Chartreuse, Lavender, Purple, Sunset, White, Yellow