Plumeria & Koa Magnetic Hairgrip & Brooch Combo


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Magnetic hairgrip & brooch combo featuring Hawaiian plumeria flowers that have been specially preserved to maintain their flexibility and durability.

  • Lazy-S koa wood backing
  • Preserved maile leaf accent
  • Flower approximately 1″
  • Features strong magnets to attach to clothes and hair
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See the amazing COMBO in action!


The beautiful, colorful, sweetly-scented Plumeria flower is prolific throughout HawaiÊ»i. Plumeria trees grow to about 20ft and bloom year-round. Plumeria wilts quickly and shows bruises before turning brown. Therefore, we use exclusive preservation techniques to maintain the flexibility and durability of the flower, keeping it permanently preserved. Real Flower Jewelry only uses flowers from healthy plants that quickly regrow – no plants are destroyed during harvesting.

About the magnetic hairgrip / brooch combo:

  • They make no holes in luxury or delicate fabrics or clothing.
  • They are very easy to put on or take off – no difficult pinpoints, or bar pins.
  • Ideal as gifts to those who are no longer nimble with their fingers, from injury, arthritis or rheumatism.
  • Great for those whose eyesight has difficulty in seeing the detail of conventional safety catches.
  • Lightweight – no drag on delicate clothing especially in warm climates.
  • Tight grip – will not slip or slide on silk.
  • Designed to be worn on fabric as thick as the lapel of a jacket or coat.
  • Our magnet brooches keep our jewelry tight and flat against the clothing.
  • More versatile than conventional bar-pin brooches
  • Will hold on lace, where otherwise the holes and delicate weave would prevent a conventional pin from sitting straight.
  • Great novelty and attention-getter in gift jewelry


Ivory, Lavender, magenta, Yellow

Plumeria & Koa Magnetic Hairgrip & Brooch Combo