Seaweed Bracelet


Description: Bracelet with oval shaped setting on hand braided black cord. Featuring real Hawaiian seaweed sealed in a jeweler’s resin.
Size: The oval cabochon is approximately 2.5 cm x 2 cm (1 in x .8 in).
Hand braided black cord is one size fits most. Available in 5 colors.



Artist’s Comments:

Visually: This seaweed bracelet is a pretty, delicate, and feminine way to wear this popular form of personal wrist accessory. The emphasis is on the graceful filaments of this beautiful form of sea life. The algae is real, not a painting, picture or a photograph. Sometimes confused and mistaken for coral, they are nothing of the sort. These seaweed bracelets are perfect for all occasions. This seaweed bracelet has the same cabochon shape and size as in the limu large oval pendant. Also suitable with these bracelets are the small and medium size oval earrings in matching shapes and colors.  

(Please note that this seaweed cabochon is larger than the pressed wildflower bracelet equivalent)

Practically: The striking black braided cord is adjustable to fit even children as well as large wristed adults, plus may be worn as an ankle bracelet. 

This seaweed bracelet is perfect for the following reasons:

  • No longer does one have to be concerned over whether these bracelets, as a gift, will fit the intended recipient.
  • The snug fit ensures it will not come loose and there is no latch that can accidentally break.
  • The jeweler’s resin protects the Limu from damage from the wrist knocking against a table or desk top.
  • Plated setting is very hard and resistant to scratching.
  • It will not tarnish and has no nickel content, which might otherwise affect sensitive skins.
  • It is lightweight and hardly noticeable to the wearer.
  • Water resistant.

It is not recommended that one wears them in the shower or bath simply as soap may collect in the weave and become unsightly.

Limu Seaweed Bracelet made from the finest brick red, natural Limu.

Used throughout Polynesia, the word limu, as applied to this beautifully delicate “flower of the sea”, has a lovely resonance and widely accepted association with the beauty of Hawaiian sea life. Limu is an algae (seaweed), widely used throughout the Islands culturally in ceremonial and ritual events. Our algae jewelry features the finest algae selectively harvested right from the waters around Hawaii.

Colloquially in Hawaii, Limu means a wide range of edible algae yet scholarly references and dictionary definitions apply a wider meaning to that word, including algae that grows in moist areas on land in addition to those in the sea, including those not edible. Attached to rocks and physically strong, underwater they waft softly and gracefully in all directions in the currents.

Hence, to rearrange them as delicately as in these pieces, requires particular skill and patience. They are presented in a beautiful series of designs as Limu pendants (necklaces), bracelets, brooches and earrings. Scientifically known as Portieria hornemannii, this particular red algae grows on the lava coast just outside Hilo on the Big Island where it’s seasonally prolific. Finally, limu is not endangered, endemic, or invasive, its pungent smell is so strong no fish, human or turtle will eat it!

Finally, we guarantee each piece to be highly attractive, durable, & very practical to wear – a unique gift of the Hawaiian flower of the sea.

Read more about limu:

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Lilac, Yellow, Light Blue, Aqua, Blush

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