Wildflower Bracelet


Bracelet with oval shaped setting on hand braided black cord. Real, miniature Hawaiian wildflowers (actual size) are pressed and overlaid with a jewelers’ resin, contained on the face of this oval shaped pendant. The setting is silver plated.

Size: The oval cabochon is approximately 2.5 cm x 2 cm (1 in x .8 in). The hand braided black cord is one size fits most.

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  • No longer does one have to be concerned over whether these bracelets, as a gift, will fit the intended recipient
  • The snug fit ensures it will not come loose and there is no latch that can accidentally break
  • The jeweler’s resin protects the wildflower from damage from the wrist knocking against a table or desk top
  • Plated setting is very hard and resistant to scratching
  • It will not tarnish and has no nickel content, which might otherwise affect sensitive skins
  • It is lightweight and hardly noticeable to the wearer
  • Water resistant