Wildflower Earrings – Large


Oval shaped earrings featuring real Hawaiian wildflowers on shepherds’ crook wire attachment for pierced ears. Shown here at actual size with natural burgundy color. (Only the background colors have been varied). Our wildflowers have been pressed, dehydrated, and overlaid with protective jeweler’s resin, contained in a simple oval-shaped silver plated setting. The wires are surgical steel.

Oval – approximately 2 cm x 1.5 cm (0.8 in x 0.6 in).

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Visually: These earrings are dainty, pretty, and very feminine. Their size makes them popular for all personalities, and the color range makes it easy to complement a wide variety of clothing. They swing from their wires with the movement of the wearer and attract appreciative attention. As soon as viewers realize there are real flowers inside they take on a whole new meaning and greater value.

Practically: These earrings are very lightweight and the wearer is hardly aware of them. The resins are protective against wear and the ravages of ultra violet light on the flower petal colors. Easy to use with a telephone, these earrings swing out of the way and do not damage or hurt one’s ears or neck with any sharp points, nor do they become damaged with such use. The wires, being surgical steel, are hypoallergenic & safe for sensitive skin. Water and hairspray will not affect them. For better understanding of the practicality of these particular styles please read the F.A.Q section of our menu.