Renovations done at last

After months of disruption and confusion the Sheraton Hotel & Spa at Keauhou is now ready to showcase the final and wonderful results of its major renovation project. On Saturday 8th September visitors are invited to see stunning upgrades to the hotel.


Start with the new entrance and reception area with its beautiful coastal views through the large display windows, focusing on the shoreline and gardens immediately North of the building; Then visit the new gift shop as you go through the reception area and see spectacular items never shown here before; Next the upgrades to what was the main dining room, now set aside as the banquet room, cannot fail to impress; And finally the new Ray’s by the Sea, the magnificent new main dining room with fine dining at a choice of different levels giving unobstructed views of the sea and particularly the Manta Rays at night. Before your meal there is an inviting bar to help you prepare for your repast!

For those of you having experience of this fine resort, and aware of the names of the different rooms and locations, there will be a need to re orient yourselves with all the new names, many of which are of Hawaiian origin.

Throughout the premises there will be artists and artisans showing a wide variety of their work on each of the different levels of the building. In particular look for Peter Honeyman at the pool deck level next to the internet link and coffee bar. His is the brightly lit display of “Wearable Real Flowers of Hawaii” – all wonderful gifts of real Island flowers that don’t wilt and become thrown away in a few days! Seek him out, examine the exclusive products only he has been able to create, and if you haven’t made up your mind as soon as you see them, then over a drink and dinner at Ray’s By The Sea think over your choices plus all those for whom you need to provide gifts and go back to him after your meal as he will be staying until 9.00 that evening. Be careful though, for with the larger than usual crowds expected this particular night, from past experience, many of his most beautiful pieces will be sold out before the night is over!