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Girls on a budget!

At the end of their vacation, both wanting my fern earrings but with only enough funds for one pair, this was their way out! See the Earrings!

Yellow Cat’s Tail – Incredible Small Orchids!

Ready for harvest – the dramatic “yellow cat’s tail” dendrochilum orchids – in many cases the smallest orchids most visitors to The Islands have seen. These are destined for my Zipper collection of rectangular and square pendants and earrings all set in handmade rhodium plated pewter, using several varieties of micro mini orchids in many […]

The Perfect Imperfection set returns after 8 years!

Some seven or eight years ago the lovely Reiko Yoshida Hanano of Hilo,  was visited by her Father from Tokyo. The two enjoyed a visit to that year’s Hilo Annual Orchid Show where Father graciously purchased a gift for his daughter of my earrings and pendant set in what is now known as “The Perfect […]

A Day at Huliheʻe

Every year at the palace on the scenic Kona waterfront the Daughters of Hawaiʻi hold a wonderful celebration in honor of Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaʻole. It is a day of Hawaiiana with emphasis on hula plus fabulous bake sales, lei making (and wearing) all in a garden setting unrivaled on the seashore in the grounds […]

It’s That Time of the Year Again…

Time to harvest our Hawaiian Orchids!Every late Spring and early Summer, we have to drop all other activity to focus on recovering the Hawaiian orchids as fast as they bloom and then begin our special preservation. They wait for nobody. Even urgent customer orders have to be put aside to wait for them. Here Rya […]

Na Lima Hana Festival

Two vivacious, happy friends enjoying the Na Lima Hana Charity Artists’ Festival sponsored by the Hilton Hotel Waikoloa, Hawaii. Elvie Cacho is modelling the colorful blue silk scarf adorned by my new combo design that makes no holes in delicate fabric. Kiara Martinez is sporting my pink dendrobium whole flower earrings. Not to be outdone, in the picture […]

Hapu’u Fern Jewelry

At an Artists’ Charity event “Na Lima Hana” at the Hilton, Waikoloa (as long ago as Thanksgiving in 2014) I was flattered by another artist there – Laura Roberts –  who purchased earrings of a trial design that I was considering for possible introduction at some uncertain future date. She wore them at her own exhibit […]

Which was the Unique Orchid?

Several attendees at the Hilo Orchid Show in August this year were drawn to one small table by a very different display. It was mine – a collection of 25 hybrid orchid flowers attached to a dried tree branch, each of which was obviously of a different color, some even with stripes! With them was posted […]

What on Earth is the UH800 Peloria Mutation?

For many years, the Hawaii orchid industry could supply white orchids for only a limited seasonal period each year. Then, in 1990 UH Manoa released UH800, a hybrid similar to existing popular white orchids, but which bloomed at a different and longer time of the year thus extending availability.This has been a great benefit since. […]

Hilo Orchid Show

 Hilo Annual Orchid Show with its beautiful displays under the strikingly roofed open ended Edith Kanakaole Stadium.

Those Real Flower Earrings!

A happy night at the Sheraton – here Mom Michelle proudly shows young Delanie looking lovely with her new real flower earrings – proving they are indeed for all ages and currently the hot rage with visitors to the Sheraton Hotel and Spa at Keauhou. This follows their so successful introduction at the Made in […]

Nature’s Products Never Clash

Customers sometimes see a piece of Real Flower Jewelry and exclaim, “oh, that’s not my color”, or “oh, she never wears gold (or silver)”. Sometimes these are simply excuses not to buy. More frequently though, these customers are symptomatic of simply not understanding what I am offering.  I caution them that they are looking at my products […]

Give this design a name!

Hilo Annual Orchid Show 2014Eden Patino (pronounced Edden by the way) is a striking lady under any circumstances and all the more so when bedecked in my rainbow of colorful preserved orchids making up the featured head lei selected for my 2014 “Name this Design” competition.The event drew an enthusiastic response from a flatteringly large […]

Wearable Floral Art

I personally view my products as “wearable floral art”, not jewelry. That last word in the company’s name is for simplicity and identification in a general sense only. The settings for my pieces are merely the vehicles to display the flowers themselves. Much like how a painter’s canvas is the vehicle for which the painted picture may […]

New Products! New Designs!

Busy time in the next few weeks … I am preparing full-time for the following events:Haleiwa Art Festival July 20 & 21 (Saturday and Sunday) on the North Shore of OahuHilo Orchid Show August 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Thursday evening through Sunday) “Orchids Around The World” on the Big Island in HiloMade in Hawaii […]

Feature in Ke Ola Magazine

Couldn’t be happier with the “Ke Ola Magazine” article spread on Real Flower Jewelry in the 2013 July Issue.Thanks to the Ke Ola Magazine team for doing such a wonderful job!A special thanks to editor Renee and reporter Le’a for such an amazing article! ———————————-Peter Honeyman stands inside a booth at the Hilo Farmers Market […]

Elaine turns heads at the Kupuna Festival

“WOW!” At the Kupuna Hula Festival last month – Elaine Mayer turned heads wherever she went!This strikingly attractive lady in her own right, was even more so wearing these ivory colored real orchid earrings from Wearable Real Flowers of Hawaii. Made by artist Peter Honeyman, she acquired then from his presentation at the Kupuna Hula […]

From Hilo Hat to Japanese Blouse

Hideaki & Tomoyo Ueta are four times repeat visitors to Hilo from Japan. Here Tomoyo, on her most recent visit in September, has selected a gift for her Mother from my Farmers Market location in Hilo. This magnet brooch starts off decorating Tomoyo’s hat but finally ends up as a lovely adornment for Mother at home […]

Renovations done at last

After months of disruption and confusion the Sheraton Hotel & Spa at Keauhou is now ready to showcase the final and wonderful results of its major renovation project. On Saturday 8th September visitors are invited to see stunning upgrades to the hotel.Start with the new entrance and reception area with its beautiful coastal views through the […]

Made in Hawaii Festival

First Hawaiian Bank presents the Made in Hawaii Festival, August 17-19, 2012HONOLULU – Save the date! The 18th annual Made in Hawaii Festival is coming to the Neal S. Blaisdell Exhibition Hall and Arena, Admissions Day Weekend August 17, 18 and 19, 2012.The Made in Hawaii Festival is sponsored by First Hawaiian Bank and produced […]