Hapuʻu Fern

Handmade from Hapuʻu – Hawaiian Tree Fern

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Hapuʻu (pronounced “hapoo-oo”) grow throughout all the Hawaiian Islands, where they are abundant and striking. Our Fern Jewelry is sustainable; no plants die from our harvesting. Firstly, we only cut small specimens from healthy plants, which quickly regrow. They are endemic to Hawaiʻi. Secondly, we treat our Hapuʻu fern leaves with the same preservative as our orchids. Yet the method is adjusted to best suit the structure of the fern leaf. Hapuʻu is fibrous and has a spine down the center length. Even so, they are durable, pliable, virtually weightless, and practical to wear. There is nothing quite like our natural accessories and jewelry. Finally, we design our Fern Jewelry to remain very close in look and feel to the original plant and yet be practical to wear.