If at any time a flower becomes damaged, or, simply, just does not look as good as when first purchased, it may be returned in its original box, together with $7.00 per item, for USA customers. For those outside USA please send an International Money Order for US $10.00, or, failing that, for the equivalent in your own currency. This contributes in part to return shipping plus other disbursements. We will then gladly repair, refresh or replace the item and return it as soon as practical. Please understand that production for prepaid customer orders has priority over repairs. We do not know of any one else who so guarantees real flowers in this way.

It is important that our products, particularly the exposed flowers, are always retained in their original packaging (box) when not being worn, for three specific reasons:

  1. Firstly the flowers are protected by the packaging which is designed to help retain their color and texture and maintain their shape when fixed back in the box as originally supplied. Don’t leave them loose to roll around with any movement of the box.
  2. Secondly, this precaution avoids our flowers from being crushed or damaged by other items in a jewelry box.
  3. Thirdly, every item sold has a code number in the box which is meaningful to us regarding its production batch and the retailer through which it was sold. This information is most helpful to us in identifying any repetitive possible causes of dissatisfaction so we can correct them.
  4. Customers who have used our boxes to pack gifts for other items for other people are prejudicing the performance of our product and our guarantee. Items returned to us wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap clearly demonstrate they have not been cared for as directed. These instances plus those where items are returned in totally unsuitable boxes, not of our original manufacture, are disqualified from our guarantee.

Some customers have suggested it is an unnecessary expense to return a damaged item as it is sometimes unusable. This overlooks that no matter how badly our exposed flowers might be damaged, the settings in gold and rhodium and luxury velvet, are usually repairable for other uses and in any event too expensive to discard without our checking them. We do not replace items sight unseen. That would be inviting spurious claims for imaginative purchases. Likewise we do not replace items that have been “lost”.