Plumeria Jewelry

What is Plumeria?

Plumeria trees have colorful, sweet-smelling, propeller-shaped flowers that are common in Hawaii, and usually used to make flower lei. Locals, particularly women of all ages, wear a single Plumeria flower over their left ear to indicate they are committed romantically, and on the right side to show they are free.

Plumeria trees can grow up to 20 feet (6 meters) tall and usually lose all their leaves and flowers during winter. However, some smaller white and yellow flower species bloom year-round, even without leaves. Plumeria trees are also called “frangipani” outside the USA and are believed to have originated in the Caribbean. In Hawaii, there are major nurseries and botanical centers associated with the University of Hawaii that focus on this flower, making Hawaii the leading plumeria research center worldwide.

When a Plumeria flower is picked or its stem is broken, the sap spills out and can stain hair, clothing, or anything it touches. The flower quickly wilts and changes color, becoming brown and bruised. To preserve the original colors and beauty of each plumeria, Real Flower Jewelry uses a specialized technique to replicate the natural colors and ensure durability. This ensures that your exclusive plumeria will last a long time and remain beautiful for a long time.