Phoenix Dendrochilum Orchid Jewelry

What is Dendrochilum?

Dendrochilum is a genus of orchids native to Southeast Asia and the western Pacific region. These orchids have multiple stems per plant, each bearing tiny, pretty flowers that cascade in two parallel rows.

Why do we call this collection, Phoenix Jewelry?

In mid-summer 2018 the Kilauea volcanic eruption destroyed all our nursery sources for our large blooming specialized orchids requiring acreage to grow. To regrow them to provide replacement flowers would take over three years. We could not wait, nor was there the ground space available as the nurseries are now under 60 feet of rock-hard lava. Thus, we sought to develop very different small potted orchids. These are readily portable, not rooted in the ground as before. This allows them to be removed quickly should danger loom again. They also take much less space to grow. Thus, these beautiful miniatures have arisen as a new product for us, like the Phoenix, rising from the fire and ashes of the volcano.