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 Hawaiian Orchid Collection | The permanent, fresh cut flower from Hawaii

Pacific Shore Collection | Featuring Limu (red algae), the Polynesian flower of the sea

Rainforest Collection | Featuring preserved Hapu'u, Hawaii's spectacular native fern from the lush jungle


Pressed Wildflower Collection | Miniature flowers from Hawaii's volcanic slopes

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 Not withstanding the devastating Kilauea lava flow, which has destroyed many flowers & plants (and especially our orchids), we currently have a supply of Real Flower Jewelry. So make sure to visit us down at the Hilo Farmers Market (Wed & Sat) and here on our website, where it's business as usual.

NOTE:  As a result, some products may now have an extended lead time; you will be notified if this is the case after placing your order.

Each Real Flower Jewelry piece is completely and painstakingly hand preserved and crafted in Hawaii.

Real Flower Jewelry's NEWEST improvement at the Hilo Farmers Market: Introducing - Rio!

Don't worry, Peter Honeyman is still alive and well, and has merely retreated to the safety of his studio. We here at RFJ believe this was a much needed change of scenery.

Happy Customers

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"I received my beautiful flower today. Thank you again. Also, thank you for the wildflower necklace, I appreciate it very much. The flower will be perfect to wear on our dinner cruise. I look forward to seeing you next year."

Gale T. from Kauai

"I received my brooch yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much. You do some seriously amazing work!" Robyn G. from New Zealand
"The beautiful Limu Locket arrived on Tuesday, and my mother was so happy when I gave it to her! Thank you very much for everything! I know if i ever get the chance to visit Hilo again I'll be sure to stop by the Orchid Show! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!" Andy N. from Texas

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This young lady, with degrees in Fine Arts and Art History from the University of Hawaii, has a natural comfort, confidence, and trust in the camera.  Her understanding and appreciation of just what the photographer is seeking to achieve is clear in this striking close-up, making it a pleasure to work with her.


Our products are primarily made from flowers and plants using special preservation techniques, which make them practical to wear as fashion accessories, permanently (as opposed to the short term limitations of fresh cut flowers). Our techniques are constantly evolving from fashion trends & technical developments. Currently, all our pieces are made from flowers & plants grown in Hawaii yet not necessarily limited to that source.