Limu Seagrass

Featuring natural brick red limu (red algae), Polynesia's Flower of the Sea

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In Hawaii, limu refers to a wide range of edible algae. Limu sticks to rocks or wafts freely with the undersea current. Once removed from the sea, they clump together like a girl’s long hair coming from the shower. Hence, to rearrange them as seen in these pieces below requires skill and patience. The particular red algae we use grows on the lava coast outside Hilo on the Big Island. All our handmade Hawaiian Seagrass Jewelry uses the finest limu around. Finally, limu is not endangered, endemic, or invasive. Its pungent smell is so strong no fish, human or turtle will eat it! We guarantee our seagrass jewelry to be attractive, durable, & very practical to wear. A unique gift of the Polynesian flower of the sea.