Hapuʻu Fern Pendant


  • Real preserved Hawaiian Hapuʻu fern
  • Actual size and natural green color
  • Adjustable black cord
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The tips of our Hapuʻu leaves are distinctive with each of their delicate saw-toothed edges tapering symmetrically to a fine point. These leaves are real, not synthetic replicas. They do not come from any machine-controlled process and hence no two will be quite the same. Your earrings will be unique to you.

Some pendants will have wide leaves at the top, others be longer and tapering. The “teeth” of the serrated edges alternate on either side of a thin central spine or stem, but irregularly. Very few leaves will be straight. In some the pointed tip may be curled off-center which is part of then authentic charm of our Rainforest Collection. Suitable for all ages and personality styles from nature lovers to urban extroverts, they particularly compliment these same fern leaves as earrings.


Gold, Silver


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