Hawaiian Orchid Petal Earring


Each Orchid Petal Earring is slightly different and they vary from approximately 5 cm (2 in) to 7 cm (2.75 in) in length, including the wires. Some may be available shorter if required.

Width varies proportionately and most measure approximately 1.75 cm (0.5 in).

Available in 7 colors and 2 accents.



Artist’s Comments:

Visually: These earrings are eye-catching conversation stoppers as they are so unusual, colorful and fun to wear. They are not meant to be family heirlooms – rather they are a fun novelty gift. You will not know many people who wear real orchid petals as earrings!

Practically: These earrings are so light in weight the wearer will hardly know she has them on. If her hairbrush or comb strikes these earrings they simply flex and bend and get out of the way. They are not brittle. They do not tear easily. Hair spray and water have no effect upon them. They may be rinsed in tap water. So very practical.

Our studios are strategically located right in the heart of the orchid growing area of The Orchid Isle – the Big Island of Hawaii.

It is here that only the best varieties of our orchids are carefully selected for use in our creations, each undergoing our exclusive and gentle preservative processes.

Our products are unlike any other – made with real flowers they are permanently durable, pliable and practical to wear. They will not dry out, or wilt; if they are dropped, they do not shatter into pieces; each has effectively been turned into a permanent fresh cut flower. While most flowers change color over time, ours will be retained, softening in intensity, developing a patina over time.

We use mostly dendrobium orchids largely due to their suitable size and strength. The greatest influence upon us however, is the wide extent to which this orchid is recognized and in demand by visitors to the Islands.

Our orchid items are not any conventional form of jewelry or accessory. With every flower item sold we provide guidelines on how to maintain them, keep them clean and best stored when not in use. Our orchids should be held by the metal or wooden settings only, not by the flower petals; they should be stored separately and upright in their original box when not being worn.

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Gold, Silver


Blue, Green, Ivory, Lavender, Peach, Pink, Red