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the Hawaiian Orchid Petal Earring

Preserved, pliable, permanent, practical.

Available in a variety of colors & styles

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Our products are made from flowers and plants using special techniques, which make them practical to wear as fashion accessories, permanently (as opposed to the short term limitations of fresh cut flowers). Our techniques are constantly evolving from fashion trends & technical developments. Currently, all our pieces are made from flowers & plants grown in Hawaii yet not necessarily limited to that source.  At varying times our jewelry pieces have been made from flowers grown in Europe (particularly England) and extensively at one time using roses from Oregon. We guarantee the performance of our Real Flower Jewelry: see our FAQ’s section.

We also make custom designs particularly for special events such as weddings. Our amazing preservation techniques, which give each piece of flower jewelry its unmatched quality, are trade secrets exclusive to Real Flower Jewelry Inc. Furthermore, Honeyman’s research and development has resulted in registered patents with several more pending. For years, Honeyman has studied many different flowers to perfect our products, working from widely different climates and locations - principally in Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe) in South Africa, California, and for an extended period in The City of Roses, Portland, Oregon. He currently operates from The Orchid Isle, the Big Island of Hawaii.